Kelly King!Slater

13 Mar

As we already know Kelly Slater won Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast, he secured his 46th tour win by defeating Taj Burrow. If you want to read more of how he achieved it go here and if you want to see how he claimed his trophy go here.

Lovely Sherman captured some private and not, moments of our champ before and after his victory, click here to see them.

Now I dunno why but people are questioning themselves if Kelly will show up at Bells. I really think that he obviously will be there, apart that Slater – for me –  is going to compete till he dies because surf is his life, his purpose, his only way to live, the guy was born to be a surfer, nothing else than that let’s face it. And than, with a start like that, come on guys, the man surely has fire under his magnificent ass.

Anyway a new movie called Moments featuring Kelly, Dane, Craig Anderson and the rest of the Quiksilver team is being streamed here and I’m talking about a whole surf movie, you gotta love Quiksilver for this.

I believe to have other links to share with you guys and girls, but for now I need to stop here, gotta clean my room, it looks like I’m living in a suitcase!

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