Well done Carissa!

8 Mar

I was thinking about moving {N.O.K} on blogspot because I have to say that free!wordpress doesn’t make me do many things, like adding more features, but me lazy and then people {yeah you don’t see any comment but NOK has many dudes visiting it, I guess they are only shy to say hullo!} knows this address … I dunno I would like to add new features but at the same time me likes staying here.

Talking about surf, well my friends Carissa Moore won the Roxy Pro, she totally destroyed Tyler Wright. Here at the Surfer Mag they blogged the final and posted cool photos of the event.

Talking about our pro!men at 7.00 AM {local time} we will see our champ battling with Dusty who seems really on fire!

And it’s interesting because if you give a look at the semi, we have the tour upstarts like  Tiago or Dusty ready to prevail over big names like Kelly or Taj. Tomorrow surely a king will rise!

The website is the usual.

Now Channel Island came up with a nice idea, having our champ revisiting some of his old and famous boards this time he will talk about his 2003 6’1 J Bay board it’s an audio clip, enjoy and share :)

Let’s finish this post with a photo of Rob Machado and his winning smile and relaxed attitude.

Surf a lot!





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