It’s taking me higher!

20 Feb

Just watching what Kelly will use for Snapper Rock 2011 the man really can ride whatever he wants and he can translate insane ideas into something that can truly work!

Ckeck Kelly Slater’s new quivers and I’m glad that he will not leave the tour also if Shea Lopez is hoping/advicing so!

The man really won everything I agree with you Shea dear but, yes but, I think that he can beat himself, he can reach and destroy new limits, in the end it’s up to him and to us! And then come on what will be the WCT without him?

That you like it or not surf needs as much media attention as it can get, Kelly has the ability and public image to do it, beside surfing like few {no} ones and improving surf. Look I’m not saying that he’s the only one who can improve surf but he mastered it and got an amazing 10th world title.

And then, because it wasn’t only Kelly’s day, he invites also our Dane to quit the WCT!

I honestly don’t understand that, I guess that if he wants Dane can do like Bruce Irons but until he stays please let us enjoy some good crazy surfing! The dude knows some crazy tricks and he truly enjoys himself.

Ermmm about Sunny and J Flo I would not comment it … no really this localism shit sometimes is too much, but i will stop here because surf is not about punches and slaps!  If you want to laugh check out the Offspring {I love them yes sir!} Da Hui it’s fantastic and plus they both love surf!

And now I can grab my board and go surfing … if I forgot something {I’m more than sure} I will post it later!

Picture-addict stay calm I will feed you!

Surf a lot dude!

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