Brazilian National Hero

28 May

As you surely know, Adriano de Souza has won the Billabong Rio Pro over Taj Burrow if you missed the final heat just click here and enjoy the tricky wave-game between the two of them.

If you want to see photos and highlights log on to Billabong Rio Pro.

And now let’s blast you with new photos!











Ring the bell Parko

24 Apr

People as you surely know, Parko won Bells beating compatriot and long-time friend Mick Fanning.

About our ten-time world champion Kelly, he was eliminated in the quarter-finals by de Souza.

To see the finals highlights click here.

Surf a lot!

Happy Easter!

23 Apr

and surf a lot.

A wallpaper {1008×672} for all of you mates :)

Job and wave hunting

17 Apr

It’s been three weeks since I updated {N.O.K} and maybe you were thinking that I lost interest in updating this little blog of mine … nah mate don’t worry me is here for you :)

It’s only that I’m trying to get a new job I need an improvement and more money … who doesn’t need them! But let’s talk more about surf than about money.

So a bunch of weeks ago I was having a coffee in a nice coffee bar and tadaaa my Kelly Slater was looking at me from a cover of the Telegraph Magazine. Me obvious stole it erm …

Now I didn’t know that he was turning himself into a fashion designer, well to be honest the man has his hands into a lots of things but fashion … man is so over used and abused.

Honestly I don’t think that Quiksilver will suffer from jealousy because I dunno either what kind of clothes Kelly is producing, probably something pretty simple and easy to wear, some raw materials or organic, yeah I think that he surely will use organic fabrics.

Bah! I guess that’s the price you pay when your girlfriend is making beachwear. Anyway the man proves – again –  that he likes to keep himself busy … and make more money yeah, I know you are thinking that, go to blame him mate if you can!

If you want to read his interview go here and if you want to see his amazing picture – really worth a look if you ask me – go here.

Now before leaving you with our new Kelly Slater-The fashion designer, I will post new pictures.

Surf a lot!

Thinking outside the box

24 Mar

Hey people I know that Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach will start on 19 April but meanwhile you can keep an eye on the their website also because this will be their 50-year anniversary.

Yeah people and the event will be attended by not only our pro surfers but also by many industry moguls that will pay homage to such an historic accomplishment.

The Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach presented by FORD will take place at Victoria’s Bells Beach from April 19 – 30, 2011 and it will be web cast LIVE via their official website.

Changing subject do you want to know what Kelly Slater thinks about Dane Reynolds? If your answer is yes, eager boy or girl you can read more here.

“He’s the face of a new era, he thinks outside of the box and has a unique approach where he sees the wave differently.” We know that Kelly!

Photo!Eater here I feed you with new photos!

Surf a lot!





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